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Honda And Toyota Jointly Build Hydrogen Fuel Cell Infrastructure In Canada
- Jan 19, 2019 -

According to foreign media reports, Honda and Toyota jointly promoted the construction of hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure in Montreal, Canada, marking the next step in the two companies'vision of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Honda and Toyota currently have one hydrogen fuel cell vehicle on the market, Clarity and Mirai respectively.

Honda and Toyota jointly build hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure in Canada

One of the biggest shortcomings of hydrogen-powered vehicles is the lack of fuel supply infrastructure, which limits vehicle mileage. With the increase of hydrogen stations, the transition to clean hydrogen energy will be much easier, just as charging stations make electric vehicles more viable.

Jean Marc Leclerc, Honda Canada's senior vice president of sales and marketing, said that Honda Canada's investment in hydrogen (fuel cell) infrastructure was to support the development of clean mobile travel options. In the short term, the investment will create an environment for the company to continue product testing and give Canadians an insight into the huge potential of hydrogen-powered vehicles, as they know that large-scale adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles may take some time.

Honda hopes to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles by 2030 and move towards a zero-emission future. Honda's existing product line-up is one of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in the automotive industry, and the concept of "Blue Skies for Our Children" leads the company to create energy-efficient mobile vehicles.